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La maison des souvenirs
Dec 26 2020

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  • Genre:
  • film streaming / famille / romance / comedie dramatique
  • Durée:
  • 1 h 25 min
  • Synopsis:
  • Regarder La maison des souvenirs streaming VF complet , When Boston lawyer Mary Ross inherits a house in Plymouth from her late aunt, she has no idea she may have inherited a historical treasure. Marys initial desire to sell the house is supported by her slick boyfriend, Rick, but she is shocked to discover local historian Everett Mather has evidence that her house is located on the site of the first Thanksgiving. With the house turning into an unexpected tourist attraction, putting Mary in the media spotlight at the prying of unscrupulous gossip blogger Ashleigh Mulligan, Everett tries to prove his theory and Mary tries to prove anything that will keep the house in her hands. Suddenly, Mary clings to the house as an artifact of her own history before her happy childhood memories were tarnished by her fathers abandonment. Ultimately, Mary must decide if it is more important to preserve the houses historical ties or make it the site of many happy Thanksgivings to come. What will she choose?

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